WisdomTree CEO認為加密貨幣是ETF產品的“自然演進”


BitNeeds幣需AI幣圈資訊: WisdomTree CEO認為加密貨幣是ETF產品的“自然演進”


  • Crypto: Refers to digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography for security and operate independently of a central bank.
  • ETFs: Exchange-Traded Funds are securities that track an index, commodity or basket of assets, and can be traded on a stock exchange like a stock.
  • Blockchain: Distributed ledger technology that allows for secure, transparent and tamper-proof transactions without the need for a central authority.
  • Treasuries: Short-term debt securities issued by governments.
  • Crypto wallet: A digital wallet that stores cryptocurrencies.
  • Tokenized assets: Digital representations of real-world assets like gold or real estate that are stored on a blockchain.
  • Tokenized securities: Securities like stocks, bonds or commodities that are represented as digital tokens and traded on a blockchain.
  • US Securities and Exchange Commission: A regulatory agency in the United States that oversees securities markets and regulates securities transactions.

WisdomTree CEO認為加密貨幣是ETF產品的“自然演進”

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