BitNeeds幣需AI幣圈資訊: Horizen宣佈停止使用主鏈遮蔽池,ZEN不再被視為隱私幣。


Horizen announced that it is abandoning the mainchain shielding pool and will remove all privacy features, no longer considering ZEN as a privacy coin.

The purpose is to ensure that Horizen uses privacy technology in a proper and sustainable manner, mitigating regulatory threats.

The current regulatory environment presents challenges to privacy cryptocurrencies.

The abandonment will be implemented in the mandatory software upgrade for ZEN 4.1, with the testnet abandoning in August and the mainnet abandoning in September.

Encryption Cryptocurrency Terminology:

  1. Mainchain shielding pool: A feature that allows users to hide transaction details and protect the privacy of participants by mixing funds together in a pool before transactions are recorded on the blockchain.
  2. Privacy features: Tools or functionalities that enable anonymity and confidentiality in cryptocurrency transactions, making it difficult to trace the sender, receiver, and transaction details.
  3. ZEN: The native cryptocurrency of the Horizen platform.
  4. Privacy coin: A type of cryptocurrency that focuses on providing enhanced privacy and anonymity to users, typically through technologies such as zero-knowledge proofs or advanced encryption.
  5. Regulatory threats: Risks posed by government regulations and policies that could impact the use, development, or adoption of cryptocurrencies.
  6. Software upgrade: A process of updating the software of a cryptocurrency network to introduce new features, improve performance, or fix issues.
  7. Testnet: A separate network environment for developers to test and experiment with new features and changes before implementing them on the mainnet.
  8. Mainnet: The live, operational blockchain network where real transactions occur and are recorded permanently on the blockchain.


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