Ripple與SUPER HOW合作推出去中心化證券專案Axiology


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Cryptocurrency Terminologies

Cryptocurrency Terminologies


Ripple is a technology company that provides solutions for fast and secure financial transactions. It uses a digital payment protocol called XRP, which acts as a bridge currency to enable the transfer of money in any form (fiat or cryptocurrency) between different financial institutions.


SUPER HOW is a company that specializes in the development of blockchain-based solutions for various industries, including finance, logistics, and healthcare.


Axiology is a decentralized securities project launched in collaboration between Ripple and SUPER HOW. It aims to enable the instant issuance and settlement of tokenized securities assets.

Tokenized Securities

Tokenized securities are digital representations of traditional financial securities, such as stocks, bonds, or derivatives, on a blockchain. They allow for easy transfer and ownership of these assets and provide enhanced transparency and efficiency compared to traditional securities trading.

Private Chain

A private chain refers to a blockchain network where access and participation are restricted to a select group of participants. It is designed to meet regulatory requirements and provide controlled access to sensitive data or operations.

Ripple CBDC Platform

Ripple CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) Platform is a platform developed by Ripple specifically for central banks to issue and manage their own digital currencies. It aims to provide a cost-effective and fast solution for central banks to integrate digital currencies into their existing financial systems.

Ripple與SUPER HOW合作推出去中心化證券專案Axiology

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