BitNeeds幣需AI幣圈資訊: Multichain釋出事件報告:資金遭執行長趙軍姐姐轉移


  1. Multichain:A blockchain platform that allows organizations to build and deploy their own decentralized applications and private blockchains.
  2. 執行長 (CEO):The chief executive officer, the highest-ranking executive in a company who is responsible for making strategic decisions and managing overall operations.
  3. 資金和伺服器許可權:Refers to the access and control over funds and server permissions.
  4. 律師 (lawyer):A legal professional who provides advice and represents clients in legal matters.
  5. 公開案件資訊:Revealing or disclosing information about the case to the public.
  6. 支付 (pay):To transfer funds or make a payment to someone.
  7. 失蹤 (missing):When someone disappears and their whereabouts are unknown.
  8. 雲伺服器 (cloud server):A virtual server that is accessed remotely over the internet and used for storing data or running applications.
  9. 修復 (repair):To fix or restore something that is damaged or not working properly.
  10. 技術問題 (technical issue):An unexpected problem or malfunction related to technology or software.
  11. 多鏈協議 (multichain protocol):A protocol that allows multiple blockchains to interoperate and communicate with each other.
  12. 使用者問題 (user issue):Problems or difficulties experienced by users while using a product or service.
  13. 資產 (assets):Anything of value owned by an individual or organization, such as money, property, or cryptocurrency.
  14. 異常轉移 (abnormal transfer):An unauthorized or unexpected transfer of funds or assets.
  15. 警方 (police):Law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining public order, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing laws.
  16. 拘留 (detain):To legally hold someone in custody, typically for questioning or investigation.
  17. 停止運營 (halt operations):To cease or suspend the regular functioning or activities of a business or organization.
  18. 加密貨幣專業術語 (cryptocurrency terms):Specialized terminology related to cryptocurrencies. Examples may include blockchain, decentralized, digital currency, cryptocurrency exchange, etc.


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