BitNeeds幣需AI幣圈資訊: Zcash推出V5.5.0版本,引入比例費率機制。


  • Zcash: a privacy-focused blockchain
  • Privacy: the state of being free from public attention or observation
  • Blockchain: a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed across a network of computers
  • Software version: the specific iteration of software being used or released by a company or project
  • Bug fixes: repairs to coding errors or glitches in a software program
  • Proportional fee system: a system that charges a fee based on the proportion of resources used by a user on a blockchain network
  • Transaction load: the amount of transaction activity on a blockchain network at a given time
  • Fund availability feature: a function that allows users to spend money before their wallets are fully synced
  • Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs): a cryptographic technique that allows for secure communication and verification of information without revealing underlying data
  • Public blockchain: a blockchain where all transaction data is visible to anyone on the network
  • Encrypted: data that has been converted into a coded language to protect its confidentiality
  • Electric Currency Corporation (ECC): the organization responsible for developing and maintaining Zcash
  • Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge (zk-SNARKs): a specific technique used by Zcash to validate transactions without revealing any information about them
  • Mobile wallet: a digital wallet that can be accessed and used from a mobile device
  • Single-recipient transactions: transactions where the funds are being sent to only one recipient


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